Sneezing Allergy

What Causes My Stuffy Nose?


There are many irritants that may cause nasal congestion or a stuffy nose. Irritants like cigarette smoke, air pollution, pollen and pet fur may trigger allergy reactions causing inflammation in the nasal membranes. The common cold may cause congestion which may lead to a bacterial or viral sinusitis infection. Mucus membranes that line the cavities in your nose produce a combination of mucus and fluid designed to wash away impurities. When the nose dries, it impedes this important function.

Our microbiome (good bacteria) helps to modulate the immune responses when there is an infection or inflammation and are a very important part of our makeup. Over use of anti-biotics are killing our good bacteria and now becoming more resistant to bacterial infections.

Here are some possible causes are nasal congestion:



Natural Remedy Solutions

Aromatherapy and essential oils can be used as a natural remedy to help fight against the symptoms of hayfever and allergies. Essential oils are known for their anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties to help fight against colds and flus. Using an oil diffuser or candle burner will act as a humidifier helping to keep the air moist and ridding the air of impurities. Essential oils help to tackle stress which is often a cause for the fight or flight response which leads to sugar imbalances in the blood and more inflammation in the body. Essential oils are not only known for their relaxing & uplifting properties they have natural antimicrobial properties aswell.

A saline solution spray is often a good remedy helping to clean the nasal cavities, reduce the risk of infection and reduce excess mucus.

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