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How does Reflexology work? Reflexology is a natural healing technique. Reflexology works through the nerve endings to relax and calm the body. Pressure is applied to reflex areas which correspond to every organ, gland and system of your body. This releases tension and you experience profound relaxation.

When these reflex areas are stimulated by the therapist using specific thumb and finger movements, nerve pathways are stimulated, circulation is increased, and congestion is cleared. This helps facilitate the body to relax and resume a natural state of balance, or homeostasis, assisting the body to heal in its own natural way.

What to Expect

A full consultation is given on your first visit and a treatment will be tailored for your specific requirements if needed. The client will be asked to remove shoes and socks and will be placed on a comfortable plint lying down. The feet will be examined for any contra-indications and then cleansed. Generally the treatment will be soothing and calming. Some clients experience an immediate relaxing effect; others may experience some discomfort while certain areas are being reflexed, however this will usually be brief and it will indicate areas of imbalance in the body. Generally the treatment will feel soothing and calming.

The treatment will conclude with a relaxing foot massage. Some clients choose to add essential oils to the treatment for additional and powerful effects. See Foot Reflex treatment.


There are some contraindications where Reflexology should not be considered, or to be used with caution – among those are:

  • Infections of the foot or contagous illness.
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis, severe odema.
  • High-Risk pregnancy or history of miscarriage.
  • Trauma to the feet (broken bones, open sores or wounds, osteoporosis).
  • Any serious health condition, consult your physician.
  • If you are not sure or worried, consult your physician.

Effects & Benefits of Massage

It has been thought the the following specific conditions are eased with Reflexology:

Asthma; Sleep disorders; Sinus pain; Pre-menstrual syndrome, menstrual irregularities and hormonal imbalances; Menopausal symptoms; Constipation; Diarrhoea; Headaches and Migraines; Neck pain; Shoulder pain; Sciatica; Back pain.

General Effects

  • Promotes deep relaxation reducing anxiety, stress and tension
  • Improves circulation and aids the removal of toxins.
  • Energy pathways are stimulated during Reflexology, helping to clear blockages along these channels.
  • Helps to release endorphins to help with pain management.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Pain Management.
  • Improves organ & gland function.
  • Can sedate or stimulate the nervous system.
  • Improves overall wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.
  • Promotes self-esteem & ‘Connection’ to your Body.
  • Provides a nurturing touch.
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1 Hour Treatment €50
1/2 Hour Treatment €25

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Johann is the owner of Therapeutic Healing and the formulator of LEAH Aromatherapy Skincare. Johann is a qualified Aromatherapist, Holistic Therapist and Energy Therapist. She received her certifications from OBUS School of Wellness Centre, Martinstown Holistic Centre and Robbi Zeck (Aromatic Kinesiology TM). She is Accredited by International Training Education Committee (ITEC) and by International Federation of Professional Aromatherapy (IFPA). Johann also runs a variety of online Aromatherapy and Holistic Healing online courses. Like Therapeutic Healing on Facebook or sign up for email updates to stay up to date with all my posts.

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