Chakra Balancing

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The 7 Chakras are the energy centres in our body. Chakra Balancing improves your health and well-being, physically, emotionally and mentally. It enables you to be more present in the world. Charkras are energy centres located along the spine from its base to the crown of the head. Our meridians are energy pathways which flow through the chakras bringing its life force energy around the body. The 7 chakras spin generating the patterns of the auric field.

Root Charka

It is located at the tailbone (base of the spine). It relates to our survival instinct and our sense of acceptance and belonging to a family or a group (tribe). It is our foundation and a feeling of being grounded. It governs survival issues (money and food) and also ancestor issues carried forward in our DNA.

When this chakra becomes weak feelings of anxiety and worry will arise.

Emotion: Passion
Colour: Red
Gland: Adrenals

Sacral/Womb Chakra

It is located just below the navel. The sacral chakra is where the womb is. It is the centre of emotions which relate to creativity and rebirth. Most of your dreams, creativity and new experiences come through the sacral chakra. It is the chakra of feeling and the early child. It is where childhood fun and joy are. It is also the centre of pleasure, sexuality and sense of abundance.

When this chakra is weak, feelings of emptiness and a lack of creativity will arise.

Emotion: Emotions and Desires
Colour: Orange
Gland: Gonads

Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus chakra finding the balance between what you have to do in this world and your instinctual nature. This is where we reach our goals and desires. It is the sense of self-worth, our self esteem, identity and power.

When this chakra is weak we feel frustrated and powerless. We are open to other people’s negativity.

Emotion: Purpose
Colour: Yellow
Gland: Pancreas

Heart Chakra

Heart chakra sense of love with other people, compassion, of oneness with the world.

Relates to compassion and love of ourselves and others. Allows us to accept love and give love back to the world. Allows us to have a sense of oneness with the world and inner peace.

Selfishness and loneliness may develop when this chakra is weak.

Emotion: Balance and Love
Colour: Green
Gland: Thymus

Throat Chakra

Throat chakra governs speaking up and saying what needs to be said without worrying about the opinion of others. It is about being true to ourselves. Throat is like a bridge between all the other chakras, mind and body. It is our balance in life. Lymph and tonsils are in the throat and take care of toxins in the body.

When this chakra is weak, it can hold back our thoughts and our expressions.

Emotion: Expansion and Healing
Colour: Blue
Gland: Thymus

Brow Chakra

Located between the eyes. The third eye is the mind and intuition. It allows us to have a strong connection with our inner wisdom. It allows us to focus and see the bigger picture.

A weak brow chakra could lead to self doubt and mistrust.

Emotion: Imagination and Intuition
Colour: Indigo
Gland: Thyroid

Crown Chakra

Connects us to a higher level of consciousness. The crown chakra opens to prayer, inspiration and channelling. It is the sense of oneness to all things.

When this chakra is weak, a state of pure enlightenment will not be achieved.

Emotion: Bliss and Spirituality
Colour: Violet
Gland: Pituitary

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