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Holistic Treatments

Massage Creates a sense of well-being, encouraging the body to release “feel-good” hormones, serotonin & oxytocin.
Aromatherapy LEAH Aromatherapy Skincare LEAH Aromatherapy Skincare products are formulated and custom made by Johann Callaghan.
Spiritual Reiki Healing A treatment which helps balance your energy systems to promote the body’s own natural ability to heal body, mind & soul.
Online Course Aromatherapy Online Course Aromatherapy Online Course. Learn how to improve your family’s health & wellness with Aromatherapy.

Products & Services

How To Get A Good Night's Sleep

How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Do you struggle with getting asleep at night, staying asleep and feeling exhausted? ‘How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep’ is easy to understand, solution based and backed with research to help you take back control of your night’s sleep.

Top 3 Tips to Beat Sleep Deprivation

Top 3 Tips to Beat Sleep Deprivation

In this fast paced society, sleep deprivation in on the rise.  Many illnesses and diseases are a result of chronic sleep deprivation. Many of us can avoid this by adapting these 3 top tips….


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