Aromatherapy Inhaler for Colds


An aromatherapy inhaler is a great alternative to an oil diffuser when you are on the go. It fits in your pocket, bag, drawer or the car. They are also great for travelling on a plane!


How to use:

Simply place the inhaler tip NEXT to and just about a half an inch below your nostril.

You do not ever need to place the nasal inhaler inside the nostrils. In fact, we suggest you never insert them in your nose. Slowly inhale the essential oils. This will help to clear the nasal passageway and absorb the essential oils into the bloodstream.

Peppermint essential oil will help to quickly reduce swelling and inflammation in your nasal passages. Eucalyptus has a decongestant action helping to clear sinusitis, a stuffy nose or relieve chestiness, as well as helping to stop coughs and colds spreading.

Repeat the above procedure – 2 to 3 times for each nostril and then you are done. You can use your nasal inhaler every 2-3 hours if needed.


Eucalyptus radiata (Eucalyptus) oil*, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) oil* (*=organic)


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